Barn Quilts of Grundy County, Iowa

Out with the old…In with the new!
January 23, 2009, 8:16 PM
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In doing some VERY early Spring cleaning, I came across a couple boxes of old Barn Quilts of Grundy County calendars.  Calendars from 2006, 2007 and 2008, and I don’t really know what to do with them.  I need the extra storage, but I don’t want to throw these calendars away.  So, I am putting this invitation out here to anyone that may be interested. 

FREE CALENDARS!  yes, they are a little outdated, but still have beautiful pictures of Grundy County’s barn quilts.  Maybe you’d like to see some of our older barn quilts or would like to cut the photos from the calendar and frame them.  I actually have had people tell me they do that. 
So below are the calendar fronts for your viewing pleasure.  Just call or email with your order and I’d be more than happy to send them out to you anywhere!

With getting rid of the old, I was asking around the office “what do I do with the leftover calendars?”  Someone had asked me if there is a children’s hospital, school or organization that might find these useful in making cards or some sort of project.  I would like to know more about this option because I really would like to give the calendars to someone or something that will use them or display them…because I don’t want to throw them away!  So, if anyone has an ideas I would love to hear them. 
Again, here are the calendar fronts from our previous calendars.  Enjoy and please let me know if you would like any! 

2006 BQ Calendar

2006 Calendar

2007 Calendar

2007 Calendar

2008 Calendar

2008 Calendar


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If you still have some old calendars left, I wouldn’t mind having some, though I know this is an old post, so what you had may be gone. I am trying to foster the Barn Quilt movement here in Nebraska, and your calendars would provide better photos for me to display at a table or pass through the audience at groups when I go out to speak about this than some of the stuff I have tried to print off the internet. I also make cards, so nothing would go to waste, I assure you. Let me know! Thanks!

Comment by Renae Kamler

Oh My! I apologize for not responding to your post. I haven’t updated in a few months and guess I don’t get emails to let me know anyone commented on a post – so I am just seeing your post now!

Yes, I do have some older calendars left and would be happy to send them to you. If you still would like some materials – please let me know. Feel free to email me at

Again, I apologize for not responding to your message!

Comment by bqofgrundyco

i would love to get some free calendars on the internet, are there are sites or company that gives one? ;-‘

Comment by Metal Roofing

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