Barn Quilts of Grundy County, Iowa

Barn Quilts of Grundy County Supports Local Food Pantry
December 12, 2008, 9:34 PM
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The Barn Quilts of Grundy County is helping to provide comfort in knowing families in Grundy County will receive adequate food to eat this winter season. The Barn Quilt Project has reached out with a helping hand to the Grundy County Food Pantry this holiday season with a generous donation of $500 to help provide food for families in need. One of the objectives of the Barn Quilt Project is to share proceeds from the sales of Barn Quilt merchandise with local agencies, such as the Food Pantry, that assist local, low-income families.
“The Barn Quilts of Grundy County is proud to be providing this donation to the Grundy County Food Pantry. Grundy County has been a great supporter of our project over the past five years, and it was time to give back,” Kelly Riskedahl, Barn Quilts of Grundy County Project Coordinator said. The Barn Quilts of Grundy County project promotes and celebrates the unique agricultural experience of Grundy County through the visual combination of barns, which were vital to the economic well being of the rural community, and the comfort of handmade quilts that provided warmth, beauty and an outlet for individual artistic expression. Riskedahl commented, “It has always been a goal of the Barn Quilts of Grundy County to reach a point where instead of asking for donations, we can be the ones to give back.”
The Food Pantry usage has increased this summer and fall – especially in October when 49 requests for food from Grundy County families cam in (normal is 30+). 65 Thanksgiving food boxes were distributed and currently they are preparing for the Christmas food boxes. In fiscal year 08, (Oct. 1, 2007-Sept. 30, 2008 ) the Food Pantry had 525 requests for service and served 205 different families throughout the year. This is a part of a tremendous outpouring of support by Grundy County individuals, organizations, churches, businesses, schools, civic groups and others in response to the Food Pantry and those we serve. “We really appreciate the $500.00 from the Barn Quilts of Grundy County for the Food Pantry. It is a very heartwarming gesture,” Chris Tobias, Grundy County Coordinator said. Money donated to the Food Pantry is used for vouchers to the grocery store for basic perishables (milk, bread, eggs and margarine), purchasing needed items for the Food Pantry at county grocery stores and also to purchase items from the Northeast Iowa Food Bank.
If you would like to donate to the Grundy County Food Pantry or would like more information about their services, contact Chris Tobias, Grundy County Coordinator of Operation Theshold at 319-824-3460. For more information about the Barn Quilts of Grundy County, please contact Kelly Riskedahl, Project Coordinator at 319-825-3606 or

Kelly Riskedahl, BQ Project & Chris Tobias, Food Pantry

Kelly Riskedahl, BQ Project & Chris Tobias, Food Pantry


Holiday Happenings
December 5, 2008, 4:09 PM
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Farmers Daughter quilt block

I had one last quilt block to paint before the holidays came upon us all.  The owner of the block asked if it was possible to have the block finished by Thanksgiving.  So, I took a couple days and went to work.  I just went out this morning to check and see if the block had been mounted, and luckily, it had!  Although I painted before it snowed here, you will notice the white that is on the roof and ground!  Winter has snuck up on us again!  But I will admit, the block looks great! 

Speaking of the holidays, if you have some friends or family on your gift list that you just can’t seem to find them the perfect gift.  Try giving a 2009 Barn Quilts of Grundy County calendar or Barn Quilt cookbook.  The calendars sell for $10 each and the cookbooks sell for $15 each.  We ony have a few cookbooks left (and I am talking less than 20 in the county!) so if you’d like one, you better act fast!  Share the gift of Barn Quilts this holiday season!